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Archdale Road, London

Rear Extension + Loft Conversion

More space!
Space is at a premium in London and this family was looking to expand their 2-bedroom terraced house to provide much needed additional space since the arrival of their second child. We were asked to look into the possibility of a loft room, provide a new kitchen and dining space and look at ways to provide additional sleeping accommodation for when more guests were expected.

The existing roof pitch was quite low and using the traditional timber structure for the loft room would result in an insufficient ceiling level.  Through the use of lightweight steel sections instead of timber, the structural depth was minimised and it was possible to create a ceiling height of just over 2m and so an extra bedroom in the roof.

A large fixed window was provided that gives unobstructed views across the mature gardens. The opening side light provides ventilation and velux windows on the road side, allow for cross ventilation on hot summer nights. The high level of insulation within the new roof would however help regulate the temperature and so reduce  the risk of overheating often associated with loft rooms

At the back, the existing single storey kitchen and side return were replaced with a large kitchen and dining space. Large bi-folding doors open out onto the patio and garden. Together with the rooflights in the new flat roof, these bring light into the new space but also maintain the light into the existing back room of the house. When open, the doors allow unhindered access into the garden and create

Flexible Space
It was a requirement to keep the original back wall of the house, in order to maintain the original room proportions, but also to reduce the need for costly structural work. New doors that slid into to the walls allow the front room to be closed off as an additional bedroom for when guests come to stay.

Permitted Development

Both additions were granted under permitted development rights.

Back elevation
Ground floor plan