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Rusty House, London

Internal Remodeling + Full House Refurbishment

Built in 1892, this house had only been own by two families. The previous owner had lived in the house since childhood and the house can best best described as a 'project'!


When the owners bought the house, it had not had any work carried out for almost 50 years!
The previous family had subdivided the house to accommodate the different generations and so sinks, basins, shower and kitchenettes work located in some very odd positions. Everything was brown, hence the name given by the new owners young son. It was so bad, the building surveyor even stated in his report that it appeared to have been squatted!

Work had to start almost immediately upon purchase. Plans and specifications were required in order to choose a builder and understand the costs involved. The works involved a complete re-plumb, re-wire, re-roof, re-plaster etc. Ceilings were replaced, floors and roof insulated, new bathrooms installed and windows overhauled.

The main area of design focused upon the back of the houses where the dilapidated glass conservatory roof was replaced and the old loo removed in order to create a new dining area. The external wall to the old dining room was then removed to create an airy and light kitchen diner with double doors onto a new patio.

The clients wanted to create an open and light feel to the ground floor and so a new link was also formed, between the living room and the back playroom. This provide a physical and visual connection to the entire ground floor without the need to pass through the hall.

On time + On budget

With the clients residing in temporary accommodation, it was essential to complete the work as soon as possible. The work was completed within 14 weeks and within the budget, allowing the owners to move in within 4 months of buying the property.

Street View

Ground Floor Plan